July 5th, 2013

Celebrating Freedom… From Zombies.

Keeping Yourself Free From The Oppression Of Zombie Hordes:


My name is Steve Stewart, and I’m a former member of the U.S. Navy Combat Team. I did some pretty cool things while I was in the military, but I think the coolest thing I ever did was author a theoretical contingency plan, should my Division ever find itself facing the Undead Horde.

Weapons/Combat training and Tactics are something you can’t really grasp simply from reading about them. One thing I can, however, teach you is how to be prepared, to give yourself the best possible chance to succeed in the battle for survival.

Scenario: You live in a major metropolitan area, which has been besieged by Zombies, leaving you and your loved ones completely unsafe. Massive social unrest and complete instability ensues. (Fast-attack zombies, slow-plodding zombies, take your pick. They’re still deadly, infectious, walking piles of violent filth.)

Objective: Evacuate yourself, family and friends from the Zombie A.O. to the relative safety of rural locales.

Practical Considerations: In the event of a massive disaster such as a Zombie apocalypse there are many potential problems you must be prepared to deal with.

The first of which is your Primary Enemy Combatant. The Zombie. In reality the zombie will be a biological, living entity, infected with some form of disease, parasite, virus or bacteria, which turns it into a mindless killing- (and potentially eating-) machine. I cannot comment on the legal or moral ramifications of attacking and killing Zombies in the event of a Zombie Outbreak. I can, however, advocate the use of self-defense (where applicable by law). In the event of a Zombie Outbreak, I would not hesitate to use lethal force. As the zombie IS a living entity, ANY massive trauma to its Center Mass (not just destruction of the head/brain) will likely incapacitate said violent, infected creature. They may be fast, and will DEFINITELY be infectious and violent. It is suggested that you make as little physical contact as possible with Zombies, and attempt to keep any skirmishes with them short and silent, as you are attempting extraction of untrained, scared, weary individuals from the Hot Zone, and every encounter poses the risk for further injury, infection and fatigue.

The second practical consideration is SECONDARY Enemy Combatants. Other Humans, who may be violent, destructive and irrational in the face of the Zombie Outbreak. It is likely that this threat could be just as large, and potentially larger, than the threat posed by the Mindless Infected. Humans are intelligent, resourceful, and likely emotionally unstable due to the intensity and shock of Zombie Combat. In addition to their dangers posed by rioting, looting, and general insanity, they may want your supplies, your transportation, shelter, weapons, belongings, or currency. The unknown motivation adds to the clear danger posed by other Survivors after the Zombie Outbreak. It is best to avoid strange and potentially untrustworthy people, keep your head down, keep quiet and keep moving toward the objective, refraining from contact with others, but keeping potential risks under direct observation.

Practical Consideration Number 3 comes in the form of injury. One of the rarest commodities in the Post-Outbreak world has now become Medicine and Medical Care. This includes everything from antiseptics, antibiotics, and other necessary hygiene products to those medications necessary for survival for sick or disabled relatives. It is recommended that (within the limits of the law), you keep in a safe, organized, and easily mobile container, a stockpile of your necessary medications. As potential injury and illness will likely come from unforeseeable events, (anything ranging from broken glass, vehicle crashes, blunt force trauma, skirmishes, travel exhaustion, etc.) it is recommended you keep a large, varied, supply of first aid and medical supplies. Recommended supplies and practical use suggestions will be listed below.

Practical Consideration Number 4 is easily foreseeable. Food and Water.As this contingency plan is for urban survival, it is likely you live in an urban area. In urban areas the power grid will likely be one of the first things to fail, as maintenance staff who could potentially be mending downed lines must also fight off hordes of zombies and looters, in addition to possibly defecting from duty to care for their families. This is problematic, as water, an essential ingredient for survival, may become tainted, or inaccessible due to power-outages, which shut down the pumps required to bring water into most high-rise buildings (usually above 5 floors). It is also problematic as food may rapidly spoil in summer months. For this purpose it is recommended (while Mobile) to keep on hand 2 MREs (if available), and various high-calorie foods for rapid fuel, (i.e. peanut butter, fruit, nuts, raisins, dates, dried oats, rice, and coconut oil/butter/milk.) For shelter-in-place, canned and dried goods are recommended. It is suggested to keep enough water in your home or place of business to last for several days of shelter-in-place. This is a wise decision, if you wish to shelter in place. If, however, you are mobile, other solutions are advisable. Due to the weight of liquid substances, such as water, it is advisable you carry no more than 5 liter reserves, in addition to a water filtration unit. The appropriate kit for Mobile Recon. Unit water-storage, food supply and filtration can be found below.

Practical Consideration Number 5 for extraction purposes is Transportation. In the event that you are performing an evac/extraction, it is likely to assume the situation on the ground in your area has deteriorated significantly. In the ensuing chaos of a Zombie Outbreak in Urban Metropolitan Areas, it is likely that police and emergency services will not be capable of dealing with the vast magnitude of issues arising. This includes everything from fires, looting, vandalism, violent crime, vehicular accidents, structural damage, to the actual Zombies. Transportation will likely become difficult, due to stalled vehicles, high volumes of traffic, road obstructions and various issues, such as the availability of gasoline or diesel fuel. It is advised that you carefully measure your own individual situation, and assess the practicality of utilizing a vehicle for extraction. In the event that a car or truck is not a viable option, one may consider the use of bicycles or motorcycles, though this is not a recommended option due to a lack of physical protection, dangerous conditions and potentially even young or elderly persons within your care.

Practical Consideration Number 6 regards the actual process of evac and extraction. Movement and Operational Security. Leaving shelter is an incredibly risky, dangerous, and psychologically taxing decision. However, depending upon circumstances, this is almost always necessary at some point. It may be advisable in certain circumstances to evac/extract during the onset of the Zombie Outbreak, whereas those with safe, well-stocked accommodations may wish to postpone leaving safety until things have calmed. Whenever you decide to evac/extract, it is essential you create multiple contingency plans, and educate all persons involved in the dangers of movement, all practical considerations, agreed extraction route, potential rendezvous points, destination point, and operational security measures.

Before leaving your shelter-in-place location, ensure you are completely prepared. Ensure loads are distributed as evenly as possible amongst capable load-bearers, and that no one is over-burdened, as this will inhibit efficient, swift movement. Before leaving your location, ensure you have taken all usable items, and secure the location, in the event that your extraction should fail, and you are required to return to your shelter.

Movement is best during cool, twilight hours of early morning due to the rigours of travel, and the risk of encountering Secondary Enemy Combatants. Remember, visibility works two ways. Depending on the size of your group and equipment/weapon loadout your Movement Formation will change, but it is advisable to assign positions to capable team members, such as Forward Reconnaissance, a detail that is essential to safe movement through urban Zombie-redolent areas. The function of the Forward Reconnaissance unit is to scout ahead, silently and swiftly, keeping eyes open for potential enemies, ambushes, and defendable positions/emergency routes. It is advisable to split larger groups into teams, each team having a designated team leader. When moving, it is essential to maintain 360 degrees of visibility. All team members should constantly be searching for potential Zombie and natural threats.

It is essential to use constant cover, and move between cover as low and swift as possible, so as to avoid being sighted, or drawing attention. Potential cover includes stationary vehicles, doorways, large post boxes, powerboxes, trees, and anything else available. Make every possible effort to move silently. Before leaving one area of cover, send out Forward Reconnaissance Units. A forward reconnaissance unit should recon an area with this strategy: Observe>Move>Secure>Observe.Observe the area to be moved to. If movement is considered safe, initiate movement. Secure the position by achieving a position a cover, and being prepared to engage any form of Zombie threat. Once position is secured, notify team, and continue observing for threats. Before sending a Forward Recon to the next cover position, establish a Rear-Observation position, whose job is to ensure the safety of the previous cover position, then move forward after all team-members have achieved cover at the next position.

In the event that you are engaged by Zombies, or Secondary Enemy Combatants it is advisable that you deal with any immediate threat then break contact and move to the nearest rendezvous point. In the event that you need to extract wounded, do so as safely as possible, providing any immediately necessary first aid, and follow-up care at the rendezvous point. Establish a Time-Table that states at what expected times the team will reach certain rendezvous points, in the event that a rendezvous is missed. Due to the potential of separation, it is recommended that every team member carry his or her own personal provisions, including food and water.

In the event that your Destination is distant, and it becomes necessary to stop and rest en route, it is essential that you find and secure a defensible position, and maintain appropriate watch-standing procedures. In the event that you are still within a habited area, attempt to find a safe building or residence that can be procured for use. Ensure appropriate barricades are in place, establish multiple routes of escape and a rendezvous point. Establish Watches to observe all entry points. An appropriate watch duration is one of 120-180 minutes, at which point watches are required to wake their relief, and ensure they are established on position. 

In the event you must take shelter out of doors, it is appropriate to travel well off the primary road or path. Seek a sheltered area. Roving perimeter watches should be established, using the same rotation procedure as above. 

Practical Consideration 7: Arriving At Your Destination. When arriving at your destination, it is essential that you secure and fortify your position as quietly, effectively and comprehensively as possible. Watches should remain established 24 hours of the day, and escape/rendezvous points should be established, should the position be compromised. Alternative bugout points should be selected. Attempts to secure resources should never reveal your location. 

In the event of the Zombie Apocalypse, the greatest tool we have is constant vigilance. This is second only to constant hope. Good luck, Survivor, and God Speed.

Recommended Equipment- 

Condor Compact Assault Pack


This backpack (available in ACU, Black, Multicam and Olive Drab) is an affordable, compact, 3-Day Pack. It has an extremely durable design, and is a staple of your kit/loadout, as keeping supplies readily mobile is a must. Amazon.com- $47.

100 oz. Camelbak Hydration Reservoir


This Camelbak holds approximately 3/5 of your recommended carried water. It fits conveniently into your 3-Day pack, can conveniently fit an Electrolyte tab inside. It has been said that one can use this as an emergency IV, but I have no knowledge of the truth or safety of that claim. Amazon.com- $36.

Rothco 100-ft., 3/8 Utility Rope


One of the greatest utility devices on planet Earth. There is nothing which cannot be accomplished with 100 ft. of rope, and a roll of duct-tape. Amazon.com- $24.

Rothco Military Grade 100 MPH Duct Tape


This Military grade 100-MPH duct tape is like duct tape on steroids. Versatile, useful, and cheap. Amazon.com- $10.

Adventure Medical Kit, UltraLight and WaterTight


This is a comprehensive, extremely light, watertight Medical kit. It includes nearly everything you might need in an emergency situation. Amazon.com- $21.

Lumen “Bonfire X” LED Tactical Flashlight


The best tactical LED flashlight on the market. Energy efficient, over 100,000 hours of light-time, at 350 lumens. Amazon.com- $24

Mylar Emergency Blanket


You’re cold. Unfold. Now you’re not. Amazon.com- $5.

LifeStraw Personal Filtration System


Water will become increasingly difficult to find in the Zombie-infested cities. This device will allow you to filter filthy water from puddles, streams, etc. into clean, delicious, life-giving water. Amazon.com- $20.

The Zombie Survival Guide- Max Brooks


The Zombie Survival Guide is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this book covers everything you need to know, including how to understand zombie physiology and behavior, the most effective defense tactics and weaponry, ways to outfit your home for a long siege, and how to survive and adapt in any territory or terrain. Amazon.com- $12.

The Little Black Book of Violence



The Little Black Book of Violence will arm you with the knowledge and good sense to make informed choices in hazardous situations. While some yahoo spewing insults about your favorite sports team is worlds apart from a drug-crazed lunatic lunging at you with a sharp knife in his hands and bloodlust in his eyes, there is a large gray area in between these two extremes where hard and fast rules do not always apply. This is where wisdom, oftentimes hard-earned wisdom, makes the difference between good decisions and bad ones. Amazon.com- $12.

U.S. Army Wilderness Survival Manual



Whether you expect to be in the wilderness, or you just want to be prepared in these uncertain times, learn hundreds of essential survival skills from the training manual used by the U.S. Army. Amazon.com-$12.



Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to be a literal manual of any form. It is not associated with the military, or DoD. It is a fun project, that is fictional in nature. Do not blame me if you get eaten by zombies.smiles